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3 critical stops on the back-end developer roadmap

I would recommend not getting started with databases quite yet! Use flat JSON files or just in-memory storage on your server code for now. But communication is also an important aspect of most backend developer jobs.

What is back-end PHP developer

In 1994, web development was just beginning, and there wasn’t much that was “easy” about it. PHP was one of the first languages created specifically to simplify web development. Databases are usually easy to begin working with, but harder to maintain and tweak properly. The best way to start working on a back end tech stack is to have everything together on a single server – the code of your application, the reverse proxy servers, the database, etc. Then as you become more proficient in each thing, you can decouple it from the existing business logic.

Back-end developer workplace skills

In this section, we’ll cover the key skills to look for if you need to hire a back-end developer or become one yourself. In the tech world, we call this the “front-end” and the “back-end” respectively. «How much does a Backend Developer make?, /Salaries/backend-developer-salary-SRCH_KO0,17.htm.» Accessed October 24, 2022.

Research has shown that 86.7 percent of developers have taught themselves a language, framework or tool outside of a classroom or course. And bootcamps and online training are popular ways to learn new technical skills. Back-end developers and engineers have similar technical skills, but different responsibilities.

What is meant by Backend Developer?

It is also called server-side development, which is the part of the website which is not visible to users. The primary aim of backend development is to store and organize data and ensure everything on the client-side works perfectly. It’s understandable because PHP wasn’t built as a complete language. Its creator didn’t even set out to create a proper programming language. As time passed, more and more people picked up PHP and started adding to it. In recent years JavaScript has become the most popular programming language due to its versatility and power.

What is back-end PHP developer

Frameworks cut down on the amount of code it takes to build a website from scratch and can speed up and standardize the development process. Some popular PHP web development frameworks include Laravel, Symfony, Zend, Slim, and Phalcon. You should know how to deploy simple back-end applications, but diving too deep into DevOps concepts before you get your first job isn’t necessary, and may pull you away from more important things.

Management Consulting

Browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome, however, learn these languages and can implement them upstream. It literally guarantees that you can access documents containing those languages. HTML, CSS or JavaScript cannot be implemented by the Web server. (There is an exception concerning JavaScript that will be evaluated soon). The web server is actually analyzing the Script and then constructing the website.

  • You need a website to present your restaurant to customers and tell them where you are located.
  • Try to find niche job boards if they exist, I really like the Golang cafe, for example.
  • For Senior C Developers in South America, the average salary is currently around $100,000 whereas a mid-level developer costs around $76,000.
  • 78% of developers say it’s their go-to place to look for job openings.
  • If the whole website was this easy to change, banking online and even BitDegree would be impossible and extremely vulnerable to hacking attempts.
  • However, they are vastly different in their capabilities and execution.
  • While frontend and backend developers often work together, they have a different arsenal of programming languages and skills.

PHP backend development is a crucial aspect of web application development that involves creating and managing the server-side components of a web application. With the help of PHP frameworks, developers can build scalable, dynamic, and secure web applications that can handle complex tasks and manage data efficiently. PHP backend development is widely used in the development of web applications due to the language’s ease of use, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

Data Skills That Will Make You Better At Your Job

With traditional architectures, the server handles requests in the order it receives them. This can result in situations where simple actions stall and fail because the server is bogged down with complex queries that had arrived earlier. By introducing topics, queues and message handling into an enterprise architecture, back-end developers can enable synchronous interactions.

Full-stack development includes back-end and front-end web development. Back-end development involves the storage and manipulation of data on the website’s server. Web development refers to designing, developing, testing, and releasing a new web-based product.


Fields of work have long been divided and PHP has taken an honorable place at the backend. Therefore learning HTML isn’t a requirement for us but rather an optimization. What is really important is to clearly understand how to implement interaction with the front-end.

What is back-end PHP developer

For example, an average software developer (including back-end developers) in San Francisco can expect to make about $147,900 a year, while the average for a developer in Miami is $79,600. That’s an 85.9 percent variation in compensation based on the city you work in. A big part of the back-end developer’s job is pushing data into or pulling data from the application’s database, so knowledge of modern database technologies is essential. While you do not necessarily need a degree to pursue a career as a back-end developer, approximately 69 percent of web developers earned a bachelor’s degree [4].