The reverse of the armor


Exuvia, from the series The reverse of the armor, 2021.

About the series

The Reverse of the Armour is composed of different cores: video, performance and objects in which the intangible luminance of the video image contrasts with extremely dense materialities.

Skin-like paper screens interact with stone slabs and iron structural materials.

These installations aim to create experiential associations referring to our condition as sensitive bodies in relation with the created environment, it focuses on the perception of temporality when acting under the conditions of resisting the present as individuals and with one another.

People are seen interacting with their clothing or with each other. Each scene is part of an independent architectural structure or configuration, where different instances of performative action are revealed.

The video records the action of two women wearing treated tissue paper dresses. Different materials were applied to the paper in order to obtain nuances of touch and resistance, and thus manifest the tension between the inevitable tearing of the pieces and the desire to preserve them intact.

These garments make for a precarious armor, a merely formal and extremely brittle protection that will inevitably leave one exposed.

An appearance momentarily resembling a sharp carapace wounding an already burned, vulnerable skin.

Video still.



Video installation | Triptych. Single-channel video. HD video, and tissue and vegetable paper screen intervened. Master 4K. Stereo sound. 2′ 32′′ in loop. 2021



Thus our own

Video installation | Three channels. HD video on monitors and iron beam. Master 4K. Stereo sound. 2′ in loop. 2021

Video still.

The reverse

Video installation | A channel. HD video. Master 4K. Stereo sound. Variable measures. 1′ 14′′ in loop. 2021

Video still.

The armor

Object | Blacksiths's pliers tissue paper, linseed oil. 60 x 25 x 0.32 cm. 2022

Thus our own (photography)

Photography | Still of video. Inkjet printing on Hahnemühle paper. 47 x 24.7 cm. 2022

Neither I, nor body, nor instrument

Performance | 2021

In collaboration with Belén Parra, Amalia Tercelán and Lara Stilstein.


Premio Fundación Amalia Lacroze de Fortabat. Colección de Arte Amalia Lacroze de Fortabat, Buenos Aires, 2021



  • Performance: Brenda Guidetti y Teresa Sevilla
  • Choreography direction: Cecilia Bazán
  • Production and coordination: Mayra Ferreyra Basso
  • Production and assembly: Cecilia Paganini
  • Sound Design: Rocío Morgenstern
  • Costume: Belén Parra
  • Photographic register: Daniela Mac Adden and Juan Pablo Ferlat
  • Special thanks: CheLA

The reverse of the armor
Fundación Andreani, Buenos Aires, 2022.

Credits. Performance: Brenda Guidetti, Tere Sevilla, Cecilia Bazán. Production and coordination: Mayra Ferreyra Basso. Realization: Cecilia Paganini. Costumes: Belén Parra. Sound design: Rocío Morgenstern. Special collaboration: Juan Pablo Ferlat. Acknowledgements: CheLA.