Little assembled paradises, from the series Paradises, 2014.

About the series

Still paradise is ours shows a small paradise assembled with stones, carefully selected small pieces of debris, plants in delicate pots and minimum video screens with the image of blue crystalline water, as it should be..., and also a minimum fan provides the necessary breeze.

When the natural paradise is present, neighboring or surrounding, it also becomes fenced and inaccessible and only seems to be realized in its representation.

Faced with a chaotic reality, when everything else has been taken away, it is a matter of insisting on the attitude of rescuing and re-designing, generating imaginary shelters to deal with this state of situation: when the sense of belonging is divorced from the sensation of fullness and shelter.

Thus the fragment is constituted in unity, in the form sought and therefore carefully represented in such a delicate material as in this case porcelain and its associations of meaning.

Remains are mixed with some precious objects in order to generate a small scene, a corner of curiosities, a sort of edited aleph where to find, treasure and control a dreamed place. But, for this materialization of the dream to be plausible, portable and reliable, we must make use of the ubiquitous screen image where all the abundance that is denied outside is infinitely open.



Little assembled paradises

Video installation | Video, two 12′′ HD LCD screens, plants, stones, Limoges porcelain and fan. Variable dimensions. 2014

Video’s Stills.

Still paradise is ours I

Installation | A 9′′ HD LCD screen, stones, plants, wooden planks and fan. Variable dimensions. 2015


Still paradise is ours (Hurricane)

Installation | Video, 9′′ HD LCD screen, stones, plants, Limoges porcelain and fan. Variable dimensions. 2015

Still paradise is ours (Typhoon)

Installation | Video, 9′′ HD LCD screen, stones, cables and Limoges porcelain. Variable measures. 2014

The sound of wind II (Redesigning catastrophe)

Installation | Three channel videoinstallation for HD LCD 12" screens and aluminium tripods. Variable dimensions. 2015

At the top of the Batea Mahuida volcano the wind blows strong, vertiginous and constant. The simple operation of silencing it suspends us in the stillness of a desert landscape and a defined edge. Hiding the sound cancels all evidence with an opacity that would not be greater in the case of blinding the image.

Treasures II (Redesigning catastrophe)

Installation | A 9′′ HD LCD screen and Limoges porcelain pieces. 27 x 25 x 25 cm. 2015

Video still.


Installation | A video channel. HD LCD screen 10", cables and Limoges porcelain. Variable dimensions. 2014



Igual el paraíso es nuestro. Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts. Miami, Estados Unidos, 2015

Mirarnos a los ojos (volver a). Bienal de la Imagen en Movimiento. Curatorship: Gabriela Golder, Andrés Denegri y Cristina Voto. Buenos Aires, 2020

El Museo de los Mundos Imaginarios. MAR (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de la Provincia de Buenos Aires. Curatorship: Rodrigo Alonso. Mar del Plata, 2014

Rolf Art, Buenos Aires, 2015.